Link Grammar Windows Build

Recently I did some work in the open source projects Link Grammar (a syntactic parser for English and other languages), and RelEx (Semantic Relationship Extractor), both related to my work on Natural Language Processing in Vetta Labs and Novamente.

Most of the time the development is done in Linux, but it’s possible to build the system using MinGW/MSYS (a minimal system for compiling C programs in Windows using gcc and other open source tools).

Since this involve some work, I’ll try to maintain an updated Windows binary build in this page, for those interested. This build is created using Windows XP SP2 (32-bit) with the latest sources from SVN.

The zip file should be extracted to C:\, so the (included) dictionaries will be in


and binaries in


If you can’t use C:\msys you’ll have to specify the dictionaries location using the API (I don’t know if the C API supports this).

The files liblink-grammar*.dll are used by the executable application link-parser.exe .

The files link-grammar*.dll are required for those using the Java API (probably they will work for programs in C too).