Chung Toi by Muriloq

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Review on Boardgame Geek
    Chung Toi is a board game that combines some of the best characteristics of games like Tic-Tac-Toe, Checkers, and Chess. Very easy to learn, and sufficiently complex to offer a great deal of challenge, Chung Toi is a fascinant game.

    This Java applet implements a Chung Toi board, and makes possible play matches against another human opponent or against the computer. It was developed as part of a Operations Research discipline seminar.

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 The goal of the game is to place three pieces in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line at the board, just like in the Tic-Tac-Toe game.The players use three octagonal pieces each, and the board starts empty.

At the first stage, each player place a piece at the board, trying to make a winning configuration and to block the opponent strategy. A piece can be placed in a horizontal/vertical orientation, or diagonally positioned. The orientation of a piece, indicated by the arrows at the top, will define, at the second stage, the direction of movement of it.

If nobody wins at the first stage, the game proceeds with the two players moving his pieces, following the direction of the arrows. A piece can be moved for one or two board cells, and it can jump another piece during the movement. It's possible, too, to change the piece orientation at the end of the turn. A player can choose just don't move a piece, just rotate it, or even pass his turn to the opponent.