Phoenix Arcade Emulator 
Java(tm) Edition *
by muriloq
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3 Insert Coin

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Name changes
I was contacted by a Sun Microsystem's attorney, and he politely asked me to change the name of the Phoenix emulator. Damn. >:-|

Sound support!
Unfortunately, I don't have any phoenix sound samples, and currently the applet is playing some files that I found on my HDD ... :) If you had any sound from the original Phoenix (in .AU or .WAV format), please contact me.

Local High Score Saving
I'm sorry, due to Java security issues, I was not able to implement a "network" high score saving, but if you are playing off-line it will work fine. All information about high score come from M.A.M.E.

Pleiads support!
The Pleiads hardware if very similar to Phoenix, and now you can play it at here!.

This is my first emulator, an old Atari arcade game: Phoenix. The original machine is from 1980, and it was based on a powerful Intel 8085 processor at 0.74 Mhz. The video has two layers of characters, and there is no spritesupport. I used the original ROM code from the arcade, and the whole project has taken an entire week and a couple of nights. Emulators are fascinating - it's amazing watching a 20-year-old piece of binary software executing again, using now all the technology people wouldn't even dream of at the time.

Don't forget to click the emulator applet, or your keyboard won't work!

On this version, I used the pallete data structures from Richard Davies's Phoenix Emulator ( The colors now are almost identical to the orinigal. The graphics have a few glitches on several parts; I still haven't manage to put bit blitting transparent under Java... :)

The CPU emulation core is a class developed by Adam Davidson & Andrew Pollard, for their Jasper - Java Spectrum Emulator.

Finally, it would have been impossible to carry on with this project without the incredible material provided by Michael Adcock (, on the Arcade Emulator How To.

Please, feel free to send me whatever coments, sugestions, and critics you would like!

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